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Soon the online channel will be the main distribution channels for B2C and B2B.

More than one in three people have already purchased something online. For small, medium and large companies alike, the Internet has become a key business channel. In this context, our e-commerce solutions cover every element of the business proces:


Business stimulation mechanisms and tools to attract potential customers to your site;

  • Arguments: to inform, advise and seduce the visitor, to convince them that your products fulfil their expectations; *
  • Purchase: to select one or more articles during a selection process that is smooth and provides incentives;
  • Payment: enable payment to be made for the order through a simple and secure transaction process that is linked to your accounting system;
  • Delivery: connected to your supply chain platform to trigger a delivery and to enable order tracking; **Loyalty**: register the contact details and behaviour of the user through a customer relations management tool (see also our CRM solution).

Analysing your business project

Using a comprehensive analysis of your e-commerce issues and objectives, our consultants help you to decide on the key elements of your project: 

  1. The e-marketing strategy, to make the best use of your website in terms of business development (communication, sales, customer relations etc.) ;
  2. The commercial infrastructure, so that your organisation is capable of running a multichannel business;
  3. The e-commerce platform, to ensure you have a powerful tool that suits your internet business model. Your solution can be produced either by deploying a dedicated e-commerce program (such as Magento) or by customising content management tools. For more atypical or innovative projects requiring customisation, we design a custom solution to match your business strategy.

Producing a comprehensive solution

Much more than just a shop front, our platforms can really help increase your business, closely linking technical performance and the attractiveness of your store. For the visible part of your site ("front-end") we attach special importance to the following elements:

Interactive design

  • Graphic design for expressing your identity and promoting your business, 

  • Ergonomics so that it is easy to browse the site and to find relevant information, 

  • Animation to boost your sales depending on your commercial policy,

  • Acessibility so that users can access your e-store without any difficulties,

  • SEO to optimise access to your site from search engines and directories.

For your website administration tools ("back-end), we take into account your processes and specific requirements in three key areas: 

  1. The presentation of your offering to modify characteristics of articles in your catalogue and to control publications;

  2. Commercial animationfor implementing promotions in order to boost your sales;

  3. Business support for business areas such as finance and management, production, logistics, marketing etc.

After your solution has been delivered, we provide support services to your teams:

  1. Comprehensive documentation on the solution that has been implemented;

  2. Customised training for improving use of the tool.

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