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White Paper on the Architectures of open source

Smile is continues looking for new open source technologies and constantly doing research. This, along with our own practical experience with different solutions with our clients, gives us a broad knowledge base within our company. With our Whitepapers we offer access to our accumulated knowledge.

We hope that through our publications, many IT professionals and companies learn about the development of open source in the world and are able to use the tools for developing your own business.

Our White Papers describe the principles, the size, and the requirements for the implementation of the various choices in the field. We tried to describe to the best solutions in various fields of open source, including the potential of these products for commercial use.

e-Commerce, CMS & Business Intelligence

At this moment we have a number of white papers in English, Business Intelligence, e-Commerce, CMS and Document Management. Smile offers a much wider range of whitepapers in French.

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